Another Friday – triple dose style

My sister with her usual eloquence and grit.

Amyzing Journey

On Fridays, I seem to wake up with a little more time to reflect.  Chemo starts a little later in the day and I don’t go into work, so I can lay there and take an inventory of my physical and mental self.  First, I start with “Do I have cancer or was this a really bad nightmare?” Check. Cancer it is. On this particular Friday, I wake up feeling pretty good:  physically the ever-present headache has not settled in yet, it typically is triggered by the lights or sounds of the start of the day. My left foot still feels odd with the neuropathy causing the “asleep” feeling in my four toes all the time.  But no muscle pain, no bone pain, no headache. Pretty good, all things considered. Then I realize that, of course, it is day 21. Today is my triple dose day, and the days leading…

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31 Days — Amyzing Journey (My brave and grateful Sister)

I didn’t cry The first time I saw the epic 2018 version of A Star is Born I didn’t cry. I teared up a little, who wouldn’t Instead, I saw the movie as one of hope Risks taken and rewarded I was the girl who wanted more from this modern world I had found what […]

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Part 2: Day 1 of Chemo

I haven’t been in Put Out to Pasture in awhile. I just want to encourage everyone to follow my sister’s books as she charts her efforts to suppress metastatic breast cancer. She writes beautifully….

Amyzing Journey

No poetic voice tonight as my shedded body finally lays down in a bed, not attached to an iv for the first time in 9 hours.

The start was fine. Got hooked up and went through the basics and was administered progeta fine. Then we started the Herceptin, which I had every week for a full year and never had a reaction. This time I had shortness of breath, flushing, and bad headache, they have me some benedryl but I must have been too far into the reaction because I felt like ice was flowing through my veins and I was shivering uncontrollably and then started to vomit repeatedly.

While it felt like this went on for hours, it was probably more like 30 minutes. They had to stop the herceptin, stabilize me with more meds and then restart the hereceptin with a very slow drip. I tolerated it better…

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