IMG_20170903_110152_052Tater, the three-legged cat,
Suffers from the sin of envy.
Or maybe it’s lust.

Craning from his couch-back perch,
He eyes Mr. Magoo’s Friskies
Across a DMZ, a buffer zone.

A fourth leg would dissolve
The intercontinental gap between
The couch and the table.

When Tater wants something
His gold irises dissolve into
Lipid black pupils.

Like the crazy dictator
Across the other DMZ,
Lusting for more.

Yesterday, Tater surprised us.
At 13 years old, 8 years an “Amputater”
he leaped.

In an explosion of hair,
Graceful and powerful,
1000 times more than we expected,

He bounced up to Magoo’s perch,
Decimated his dinner,
And turned his back on the crime.

Leaving us gape mouthed,
Even though the signs were there,
For anyone looking.

The DMZ rendered pointless
By disadvantaged flight.
Our world, never the same.

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