Bridesmaids and Bad Boyfriends

Love Coffee

Recently I watched my “oldest” friend’s handsome, upper-level dressage horse trot back and forth under veterinarian commands while they tried to determine what was causing some lameness problems. Even I’m surprised at how willing I am to watch a flexion, then a trot, watch a flexion, then a trot. I don’t think there is anything about horses that I don’t love. Every one of us with this addiction to horses has found ourselves in this position.  I will often call my horse a bad boyfriend. Devastatingly handsome and charming, he and all the horses I’ve known, regularly break my heart.

I know a thing or two about broken hearts. I’m going through photos before our move and I must have had a thousand pictures of my first wedding.  I just hadn’t quite sorted through them in the fourteen or so years after the event. Suddenly I found myself holding a picture that made my heart sing: Me and My Bridesmaids.

We should learn to pick boyfriends as well as we pick bridesmaids.

My friend with the stunning dressage horse? She’s there. And our fellow U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Team founding member and friend who stopped by for a chat when she returned to town for a school reunion two weeks ago. My best friend from high school who regularly chats with me over social media is there.  There’s my roommate from college who took me out to dinner for my birthday last week.  My maid of honor, of course, was my very own “Sissy,” who is stuck with me through blood, but has been my best friend for most of my life.

In a lifetime of bad boyfriends, be they human or furry, the women in this picture and my other girlfriends are the constant positive notes. I’ve read more than one article on how mean women are to each other. Back biting, bitchiness, bossiness overwhelm the possibility for friendship.

My tribe of beautiful, strong, indomitable women forgot to read those articles.  I love everyone of these ladies and find myself brimming over in gratitude that they are part of my life.

To all the women who helped me through those furry, and not-so-furry, bad boyfriends, thank you.



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