Preparation (Part Deux)


Planning the perfect hike.
Backpack weight plus food weight
Plus tentclothessleepingbagwaterstove
Something to read.

Inside my head a leafy tunnel, long and green.
On my computer, pictures and maps,
Narratives and testimonials,
Videos about how to hike the perfect hike.

I’m reminded of yearly dental exams
Yearly wellness exams, blood tests,
Every so many years my eyes and my ears,
All to live the perfect life.

And yet, the fillings and the implant.
The rising numbers and meds.
The reading glasses, floaters, and tinnitus.
The exams did their job?

“An ounce of prevention is worth
A pound of cure.”
But sometimes there is no preventing things.
If we’re lucky, we grow old.

Maybe I’ll sing when the rain
Batters my waterproof gear.
Maybe I’ll recognize the unplanned-for inevitable
And greet it with a smile.

The best laid plans…

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