The Way to the Grocery Story (#19 NaPoWriMo prompt)


Following the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a paragraph, then extract from it in iterations until I arrived at a poem was a great (!) experience! Using the idea to give directions to the grocery store unexpectedly (though it shouldn’t have been) allowed me to describe where I live. Enjoy: I certainly did writing it!

Take a right at the pavement.
Left is the way of adventure:
Snowmobiles, cross country skiing, trails
Doggy Disneyland.

Slow down at the curve, the snowshoe rabbit
Waits too close to the road and
The children with their saucers
Careen towards the car.

At the horse, full-size and plastic, turn right.
Left is the way of national parks:
Moose and elk and rivers, an
Outdoor mecca.

Eyes on the road now:
Left is ancient upheavals
Curving clenched fists, mirrored in the lake
Capped in white as if reflecting their age.

Stay straight
On the curves and windings that
Trace the shoreline
Like a wistful finger, remembering.

At the “T” turn left.
Right is the way of hot springs,
Wafting sulphur:
The scent of an ancient promise.

Stay straight.
Notice new buildings on the left,
Rising out of a killdozer razing:
The sight of a new promise.

Still straight.
Curve on the overpass
Where Amtrak slows beneath
With the wending river willows.

Eyes on the road now:
Not the white runs over
Brown hills, just
Water turned to recreation.

See it on the right?
Behind the improbable
McDonald’s and Subway?
Alone in the field of sagebrush?

After the half of an hour
Spent (right, right, left, right)
Past ancient heights and watery lows
Whoosh through the unexpected doors.

The paragraph: You have to prepare to go to the grocery store from my house. It’s 30 minutes away on dirt and paved roads. The view is amazing, National Forest Lane, a national park, a bowl really with large lakes and high mountains. The towns have their own small claims to fame despite the rural, out-of-the way quality of our county. So take County road 4 to Highway 34 to Highway 40. You’ll find the grocery store at the bottom of the hill that leads to the ski resort.

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