The Not-so-Rare Blue “Flower”

beer can litterWhat has been on my mind  in the two months since I was last in this space? Here’s one small sample. I find myself wondering if there is a relationship between the genuinely horrid, double-negative combination that is a Chelada (Budweiser combined with Clamato, which is tomato juice combined with clam juice, with a touch of salt and lime in a can—also available in Chelada Picante with a spicy kick) and the propensity for littering. My wanderings over dozens of miles of roads and trails behind our rental house tells me that Budweisers of all types are the beer can of choice for littering. I’m a self-confessed beer snob, anyway, and I wonder why people drink something so tasteless? Is the bland sense of slightly fermented barley water why they have to add tomatoes and clam juice?  I’ve walking my dogs more in these glorious, balmy days. Once we’re away from any possibility of traffic, off in Forest Service land, I listen to audiobooks, take notes on my phone, and try to learn the Colorado wildflowers. The blue hues of Budweiser cans, occasionally substituted bythe orange-reds of Chelada cans, can’t be found in my wildflower book. The sandy aluminum I pluck out of the ditches held tasteless hop-water tossed into nature by even more tasteless riffraff.

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