Tater Bug (2020 NaPoWriMo #16)


We all love you, Tater Bug:
AmpuTater, Tater McTater Pants.
Through your dark morning howls
Greeting quacks

You are the tiger of our household,
The Fabio of housecats.
Our very own
Sexiest Cat Alive!!

This affection, we know,
Leaps over moons
Swims deep rivers
And outgrows the bounds of a

Domestic Short Hair purebred.

We don’t care.
You’re ours.

You’ve lived sixteen both very long,
and short, years.
Two moves to and from and to
Colorado. Six houses.

We already miss you.
We already assume you’ll live forever.

13 Replies to “Tater Bug (2020 NaPoWriMo #16)”

  1. We once belonged to a ginger named Gimli. He, like Tater, was the best cat ever! I still miss him and now we live in a “no cats allowed” place (how ridiculous is that!?). Your Tater Bug brought back great memories. Beautifully written. Thank you! 😊

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