In 1994 (2020 NaPoWriMo #17)

Contessa Brewer on Twitter: "A 25- foot telephone cord to stretch ...

When I bought the 50-foot cord,
The phone and headset in one moveable piece,
My single existence was less

I roamed the house, cleaning,

My neck was worn crooked
From cradling the receiver
On my shoulder,
Swiss cheeks beeping the buttons.

I could just reach the upstairs phone
From the downstairs phone,
Adding air to the line when leaving
One off the hook.

But opening my world to
All but mere square feet of my entire
Small, first
House. Home.

My dial-up modem,
Quicken software,
Upright grand piano,
CD player.

I would curl with my
Baby blue heeler,
CBS on rabbit ears,
Eating pan-popped popcorn

Those were
the days.
Were those
the days?

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