Cliff Diving (#29 Na/GloPoWriMo)


Is safety an emotion?
What is a life lived
Peering out from shelter?
From a position of stasis?

Once the bogey man
Pushed me over a cliff.
In the freefall moment,
Buoyed only by air,

The worst came true.

I didn’t die on the rocks,
Rushing up to me as if
I was the one who was
Holding still.

The enormous pain
Sheared open my heart.
The shoreline presented a
Sheer wall and

I climbed the cliff again.

Poems are… (#28 Na/GloPoWriMo)


How do I know what a poem should be?

Poems are secrets opened with
Careful, surgeon’s fingers,
Revealing the beating heart beneath.

Poems point a finger at me,
And at you,
Truths peeling back our armor.

Poems slips knives between
Our ribs,
Sharp with life-threatening pain.

Poems are prescriptions,
Lenses opening our eyes,
World suddenly new.